Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

The reason behind the tooth extraction may vary, yet the attentiveness it requires stays the same in all cases. At Pleasant Dental Care, we recommend a tooth extraction only when it is damaged beyond repair. Some of the common causes behind recommending the tooth extraction is:

• Tooth is damaged beyond repair
• Infection that can’t be cured by a root canal.
• Extra baby teeth
• Removal of wisdom teeth

At the first step of the tooth extraction process, the X-ray of the tooth is taken to determine the position of the roots and surrounding bones. Once the clear about the tooth condition is taken, our dentists plan the extraction and study the consequences arising from it.

Our main goal is to offer the patient a comfortable and as much possible, a pain-free experience. Anesthetic is applied during the procedure so that you can experience the least of the extraction troubles.
Post extraction facilities are provided to each of our patients, including regular checkup.

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