Root Canals

Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure that focuses on treating inflamed and infected pulp. Sign of pulp damage includes pain, discoloration of teeth, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, swelling and tenderness of the gums. At the first sign of this issue, you should plan a visit to our dental clinic in Jamaica.

Is it painful?

Contrary to the normal belief, a root canal is no more painful than staying with the pain and discomfort of the infected tooth. Even if you experience a little discomfort, it is worth it because once done, you can get back to a painless routine.

At Pleasant Dental Care, the root canal procedure will not be more painful than the cavity filling treatment. On your first appointment, the diseased pulp will be removed after giving a numbing shot. Once removed, our expert dentists will clean the region to eliminate the infectious bacteria. The wound is left for healing providing a proper medication.

On the second appointment, the canal is filled and sealed to make the tooth look like new again. To determine, if you are in the need of a root canal or not, get in contact with us.

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